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TGIF – September 7, 2018.

September 7, 2018

The real problem with the anonymous NYT Op-ed

First of all, is it even real?  There are a lot of good creative writers in our country, and this article was nothing if not creative.

For the sake of argument, let’s assume it is real.

The most troubling part of it, at least to us, is that this article states that papers were taken off the president’s desk “and he didn’t even notice they were gone.”

The President for his part has said that this is “a matter of National Security.”

The President is right, and here’s why.

Under whose authority is this person, or the ubiquitous “others” removing ANY papers from the President’s desk? And how do we know that he had even seen them before they were removed (or never even put on his desk)?”

What else did this person remove from the President’s desk? Perhaps something about strategic plans to deal with Iran, or North Korea?  Perhaps the daily intelligence briefing? We just don’t know.

This self-serving writer, if real, doesn’t come across as anything other than seditious.

Of course this article was meant to sow distrust among the President’s staff, not to “protect the American people.”  This seems to have at the root of its intent, to keep the President separated from anyone who might be an ally.

All president’s have, or should have, people who disagree with them or their approaches, and the President has even gone on record that he likes having people with opposing viewpoints as a part of his administration.

The fact that this person thinks they are doing something special by opposing something the President wants to do or say is not heroic. It’s just part of being in the administration.

Should the NYT keep the identity of this person hidden?  No.

What business is it of theirs whether the person or persons get fired or not, unless the writer works for them?

Maybe because the person, again assuming he or she exists,  is the source of a lot of leaked confidential information?

Booker backfires.

If Cory Booker was a car, he would need to have his timing belt checked, he backfires so often.

Take the email he calls evidence of racism on the part of Brett Kavanaugh.

You know, the one where Kavanaugh said that in the wake of 9/11, retaliation should be “race- neutral”? Now if only the Senator could manage that as well.

And now we do know that his “Spartacus moment” was somewhat less than that, given that he already knew the documents he wanted to release were no longer marked “committee confidential” before he made his grandstand play during the committee hearing yesterday.

Perhaps someone could recommend a good mechanic for him?

Nobody’s fooled.

The Democrats may think that no one has noticed that they always find something derogatory or something to throw a tantrum about whenever the President has something good happen, like striking a deal with Mexico on trade.

Flash…we’ve noticed.

Question for Booker, Hirono, Klobuchar, Harris and Co.

Do you really think Republicans are going to develop amnesia between now and 2020?

If so, dream on.


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