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September 13, 2018

Well, you just kind of knew that this was going to happen in the course of the Kavanaugh confirmation   When all else fails, drag out the MeToo movement.

We are of course referring to Diane Feinstein’s  “bombshell” revelation on “something” the SCOTUS nominee did.  Rumor has it that some woman is accusing him of inappropriate conduct with her when he was in high school, some 30 to 35 years ago.

According to the article from CNN, the accuser doesn’t want to be identified, and “declined to press the matter further.”

Frankly, in light of the way things are today, that claim could probably be made about every boy who ever went to high school. It’s just most women’s misfortune that we didn’t keep track of every guy who ever said or did something to us that is now called inappropriate. That way we could Google them and see if they are now worth outing.

Maybe something bad did happen, but on the face of it, the charge is just a little too anonymous and convenient, especially since Feinstein didn’t show the letter to anyone else before turning it over to the FBI.

If this person exists, and seeing how badly some in the FBI want to hurt President Trump, she had better be prepared to welcome an FBI agent or two into her life. Make no mistake, if the swamp decides this is even remotely worth pursuing, they will find her.

Let’s not forget that Kavanaugh has been vetted for every position he ever held, and yet this salacious charge never surfaced until now.

The sad part is, even if this is all fiction, the charge will follow the nominee around for the rest of his life.


BTW – No TGIF tomorrow.

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