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History repeats.

September 17, 2018

Another Monday, another titillating scandal, this time over the Kavanaugh nomination.

This has a very déjà vu feeling to it, assuming you are old enough to have watched and/or read about Justice Clarence Thomas’ 1991 hearing, when he was accused of making off-color and suggestive remarks to Anita Hill and others.

However, that nomination took place before we had the MeToo movement, which presumes every man is guilty until proven innocent.

There are certainly a large number of questions to be asked and answered.

For instance, if the lady first told her therapist about this in 2012, why wasn’t action taken then? Was it four boys or two? Whose house was it that they were in? What were the names of the other kids who were there? Is the house where this presumably happened still standing, and if so, who owned it at the time (easy to find out from tax records), and what do they say about whether they were out of town on the date in question? Was the judge known to be a heavy drinker in high school, and did he routinely attack girls at the time?

And that only addresses the questions surrounding Mrs. Ford’s accusation.

No matter how this turns out, Judge Kavanaugh’s reputation will never be the same.  Even today, if you ask around enough, there were people who believed Anita Hill’s testimony against Justice Thomas in 1991 and still do to this day.

It’s also interesting to note that Mitt Romney was accused of being a misogynist for having too few women working for him while he was a governor, but  now it is being suggested Judge Kavanaugh has had too many women working for him.

The  woman making the accusations certainly has a right to be heard, but it should be in a formal environment, and not tried in the media

To prevent that, the Senate Judiciary Committee should schedule a hearing involving both parties as early as this week, if possible.

Certainly the timing of all this, and the way it was rolled out is suspicious, given all the theatrics already employed to thwart his nomination.

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