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Change? What change?

September 18, 2018

In case Trump voters have forgotten why they didn’t vote for Hillary, she and some of the other star players of the Obama administration have just returned to the political hustings to remind them.

You can now enjoy Joe “Handsy” Biden, Hillary herself, Eric Holder and even the top-of-the card former President reminding us that “some” Trump voters are, as Biden put it, the “dregs of society”.

Is that kinda like “deplorables?”

Oh yes and all of them want to make sure you know all those Trump people are racists and misogynists.

Remember the former President scornfully declaring that “you didn’t build that business?” You’ll be happy to know he still feels that way, as he notes that anything good that you may be experiencing now is a result of his administration.

But let’s leave the faces out of it.

The fundamental differences between the people who comprise the Democrat base and the people that comprise  President Trump’s base is that the former believe you exist to serve the government,  and the latter believe that the government exists to serve the people.

Put any face you want to on those two polar opposites, and their basic philosophies don’t change.

It was inevitable that the Democrats would roll out their more sophisticated party members  when saddled with a series of cringe-worthy and uninformed rants by the kindergarten level probies like Ocasio-Cortez.

America isn’t quite ready for full-fledged socialism just yet (still too many living Boomers), and the party knows it. It’s a lot more effective to fall back on the tried and true strategies of appealing to white guilt and making sure their voters are reminded how victimized they are, even as non-white incomes rise and their jobless rates drop.

By the time the younger liberal generation matures enough to keep their feet out of their mouths most of the time, say in another 10 years or so, things may well be different, but for now, we can all enjoy dealing with the familiar voices.

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