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You can’t have it both ways.

September 20, 2018

We are all aware of not just the MeToo movement, but the feminist movement and their little pink hats.

“I am woman; hear me roar” just doesn’t mesh with Joy Behar ranting about old white men in Congress not protecting women. Maybe she should get a German Shepherd.

Ladies, you wanted equality, so don’t bitch when you get it.

Ergo, if Professor Ford has something substantive to accuse Judge Kavanaugh of, she would be wise to get herself over to Washington DC and speak up.

Presumably something bad happened to her, but expecting the Federal cops to go digging around her teenage territory trying to dig up or manufacture facts she can’t even provide for herself sure makes her story a bit wobbly.

And yes, we did say manufacture.

Given the pre-election conduct of the FBI upper echelons over the past three or more years, not to mention that there is still a culture of resistance extant in the FBI and DOJ, there is no guarantee any “investigation” would be done in a nonpartisan and professional manner.

Another anomaly is that the professor’s attorney is calling for a whole slate of “witnesses” to attend the hearing. According to Senate rules, each person is allowed ONE witness. It sounds more like what the counselor is asking for is a trial, not a hearing. Attorney Katz is no stranger to Washington, so she should know that.  If she doesn’t, Dianne Feinstein does.

Nothing about this whole confirmation debacle has elevated anyone’s opinion of Washington. To the contrary, the whole thing has only served to prove that the rest of us are far from getting any value out of our tax dollars that are spent on the Hill.

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