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TGIF – Sept. 21, 2018

September 21, 2018

OK, now what?

That seems to be the question everyone is asking about the Senate’s requirement that Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser reply by 10 a.m. today.

She did so, sort of, through her attorney, by trying to set the rules under which she will testify.

Of course her attorney knows that some of her demands are going nowhere, such as having the accused party testify first, but still she can legitimately say she did reply by the date and time  specified.

We aren’t sure who gave Professor Ford the right to re-write the Constitution so that she can dictate terms and conditions to Congress.

Unfortunately, the way this has been handled by the accuser, i.e. the plaintiff,  and her legal staff up to now is beginning to shed doubt on her motives.

At first even people who were squarely in Kavanaugh’s corner were OK with the plaintiff having a chance to present her testimony. Now, as it begins to look more and more like simply stall tactics to hold up the vote, there is less sympathy for her.

Others note that she has now learned what so many before her have learned the hard way. When politics is involved, there is no such thing as anything being confidential.

Giving her information to Dianne Feinstein was tantamount to putting it on billboards.

As far as death threats go, the Kavanaugh family can probably match her threat for threat. That’s called social media.

Obviously this isn’t over yet.  Perhaps Senator McConnell will stick by his guns and call for a vote, or he may pander a bit more  to Ford in the name of “fairness.”

We’ll see.

In the shadows.

Somewhat lost in all the hoopla over the Kavanaugh nomination was another story that is perhaps more troubling.

Very little ink and air time has been given to Barack Obama’s former Secretary of State apparently trying to subvert the Trump administration overseas.

That refers to reports that  John Kerry has been reassuring Iran that Democrats are still working on installing their vision of a new world order, so the Trump administration should be considered as merely an intermission or a speed bump.

First we have to remember that Kerry is trying to sell his new book, but depending on the actual message he is delivering, it wouldn’t be hard for him to step across the line into actual subversion.

Given the globalist ideology of the Obama administration, that isn’t as far-fetched as it sounds.

Remember, if you see a fox outside the henhouse, and there is nothing but feathers left the next day, it isn’t too much of a leap to suspect the fox.


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