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Overreach? The Kavanaugh debacle.

September 24, 2018

So far we have two women alleging that Brett Kavanaugh was or is a sexual deviant, against over 70 men and women who say the accusations are a load of crap.

The initial accusation from Professor Ford sounded a bit contrived, but pretty much everyone was of the opinion that she has every right to present her case.

Now we have another woman, one Deborah Ramirez, in an interview published in The New Yorker magazine, taking six days to convince herself that a penis she alleges she saw while she was drunk at a Yale college party was that of Judge Kavanaugh. At least four of her contemporaries during that time say the incident she described never happened.

Oh yes, and we also have Stormy Daniels’ lawyer apparently issuing a cattle call for other women to come out and accuse the SCOTUS nominee of sexual improprieties

Dare we say the Never Trumpers and MeToo-ers are trying too hard?

Perhaps one incident could be rationalized to have happened, but this many accusations would indicate that Judge Kavanaugh is a serial sex offender.  That would be pretty hard to cover up anywhere, but it would be particularly hard to hide that sort of behavior in the rarefied air of Washington politics.

Obviously none of us know what, if anything, happened. Apparently, barring any last minute cold feet on the part of Professor Ford, we will get some sort of chance to hear her tell her story in person on Thursday.

This whole debacle unfortunately confirms the impression of Washington politics that millions of Americans have of Washington.

The sad part of all this is that even if proven false, the stories will follow Judge Kavanaugh for the rest of his life, even if he is confirmed.

No wonder that normal people say they’d rather drink gasoline than enter politics.

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  1. No, the sad part is that far too many people don’t care if these accusations turn out to be right.

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