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Will mob rule prevail?

September 26, 2018

Tomorrow the nation, or at least those who give a damn about the subject, will get to listen to one of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers make her case against the jurist.

And of course there are the other two Kavanaugh accusers, Swetnick and Ramirez, both of whom have said they have no interest in being included in the hearing tomorrow.

No matter how much you may feel that Judge Kavanaugh is being railroaded, it would be the height of folly not to admit that three women all singing the same chorus is a problem.

Having an experienced “sex crimes prosecutor” conducting some of the questioning might be good optics for Republicans, but of course Democrats do not have to utilize her services, and probably won’t.

Also unknown is whether the Capital police will keep the “demonstrators” away from the hearing chamber, or allow them to come in and create another scene.

Meantime you’ve got Blumenthal and other Dems still going on about an FBI investigation, essentially playing to the mob.

Once again, the FBI doesn’t have the power to prosecute anyone, and as far as investigating goes, what are they going to turn up that’s any different from the accusation already on the record?

Professor Blasey-Ford has four declarations she is submitting to bolster her claims.  The trouble with all of them is that they are not contemporaneous with the alleged crime, and thus amount to little more than third party hearsay.

The general consensus is that the Friday vote to move Kavanaugh’s nomination out of committee to the full Senate will pass, based on strictly partisan lines.

The question then is, will he be confirmed?

It’s hard to say, but it appears unlikely. Obviously, if the accuser falls flat on her face during the hearing that will color the outcome, but even if he is confirmed, any ruling that Kavanaugh makes while sitting on the Court will be seen through the filter of the events leading up to his confirmation.

Most members of Congress aren’t going to be comfortable with passing that legacy on down the line, even if they personally are in the Judge’s corner.

That’s not to say it couldn’t happen; after all, Justice Thomas went through essentially the same thing and was confirmed.

This whole debacle reminds us that Orwell was just a few decades off when he wrote “1984.” Other than that, he was remarkably prescient.

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