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The other side of the coin.

October 1, 2018

If the FBI investigation of Judge Kavanaugh comes back with no dirt on the SCOTUS nominee, will that satisfy his accusers?

Not just no, but hell no.

Now you are hearing the cacophony of calls to investigate everybody that ever knew Kavanaugh since approximately the day he was born.

If anyone had doubts about whether the malicious attack on Judge Brett Kavanaugh was strictly politically motivated, the calls from the Dims for him to recuse himself  from any SCOTUS cases that involve members of their party that are on the committee should lay those doubts to rest.

Funny, but such demands were not made of Justices Thomas, Ginsberg or Kagen, all of whom had signature issues that affected their confirmations.

Also, one wonders why Judiciary Committee member  Nadler of New York would even make such a demand if his party is so sure the judge will be found to be a sexual predator.

Maybe because he knows that Kavanaugh has every right to be upset with the way he and his family have been treated?

Nadler may be judging the nominee by the way he would react if it was him with a target on his back.

Of course we don’t know what information will be reported by this newest, highly targeted FBI investigation.

Let’s not forget that the FBI had quite a few senior level officials who repeatedly said they would do “anything” short of murder to remove President Trump from the presidency.

In view of that, there are certainly people who have raised the question of just how impartial the FBI investigation will be, given the ongoing Mueller investigation and the Trump-hating nature of some of the Bureau’s former and current employees.

Maybe this is where we get to see if the rank and file of the FBI are as impartial as we hope they are.

There also seem to be a lot of people attacking Kavanaugh that have their own deep-seated issues, quite over and beyond their hatred of President Trump.

For instance, Rep. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) might be projecting onto all men her own experiences with her reportedly abusive father, and she certainly seems to have applied that viewpoint to Kavanaugh.

Cory Booker, in his own high school years, bragged about groping a girl who was drunk, and self-righteous Richard Blumenthal apparently hopes everyone has forgotten about his false claims of having served in Viet Nam.

And finally, there have been references to the culture at Dr. Ford’s all-girls high school as well.

Judge Kavanaugh should keep one thing in mind.

If any one of the other 24 people on the President’s list of possible nominees had been chosen, they would have been subject to the same sort of character assassination as well, because this is about Trump.

In an obscene sort of way, you might even say that there is nothing personal in the attacks on the judge. Any SCOTUS nominee President Trump had chosen would be subject to the same vicious attacks by the subversive element that is hell-bent on overthrowing the Trump presidency.

Which leads many to wonder; when are going to start the investigation of those people?

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