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October 2, 2018

Perhaps before the Kavanaugh vote is taken and whatever will happen does happen, it would be instructional to delve a bit deeper into how and/or why Dr. Ford seemed to be sure of only one thing in her testimony before the Judiciary Committee.

Whatever else she said her memories from 36 years ago might be, she was absolutely unwavering in naming Judge Kavanaugh as her attacker.

Many people wondered if she had ever tried hypnosis to recover more detail about the alleged attack.

Upon googling the combined search terms hypnosis and Blasey Ford, you might come across this interesting bit of history from The Federalist. The article refers to an academic paper summarizing the result of a study, published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology May 5, 2008, which lists Dr. Ford and a number of other clinicians as the authors.

Upon reading the abstract of the study, which has been cited over 50 times in other academic papers, it is obvious that Dr. Ford was cognizant of the use of hypnosis, including the fact that the hypnotic state could be self-induced, as well as the possibility of creating artificial memories or  “contaminating” the recall of  actual memories.

Before anyone gets their undies in a twist, let us state that we are making no accusations or assumptions based on this information. It is presented for what it is, an interesting bit of history relative to the accusations leveled against Judge Kavanaugh, and why they didn’t surface in any form for 30 years after the alleged incident happened.

It seems only fitting to explore this part of Dr. Ford’s background, given that Dems are getting all wound up over the definition of “boofing”.

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