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Fair is fair – Isn’t it?

October 3, 2018

It’s becoming routine to hear some opinion host or lead writer breathlessly proclaim another “explosive” twist in a story or narrative.

For instance, right now everyone, from senators to local news anchors are castigating President Trump over his words and tone about Dr Christine Blasey Ford’s Judiciary Committee testimony.

It is true that the President has a rare talent for saying the right thing the wrong way or at the wrong time, and the tone he took in his most recent campaign-style rally is ample proof of that.

In this post-#MeToo moment, it’s probably not a good idea to question any woman’s account of sexual assault scornfully, and the President’s remarks only brought more heat down on Judge Kavanaugh.

Beyond that however, there are ordinary people who are questioning Dr. Ford’s accuracy, if not her veracity.

Some women who have themselves been the target of varying degrees of unwanted sexual attention up to and including assault have said, albeit quietly, that they thought Dr. Ford was either playing a part or that she had been coached or manipulated in some way.

And now we have a story that features a letter from a man who says he is her ex-boyfriend that brings up some of those same questions, including that she may have perjured herself during the hearing re: her knowledge of polygraph procedures.

OK, OK, it’s an ex who might have an axe to grind. We get that argument.

But what we don’t get is the MSM’s refusal to give the account any credit at all.

We don’t know yet whether the FBI contacted the woman described in the letter, one Monica L. McLean. In fact, we aren’t even sure whether that would even be within their assignment to conduct an updated background check of Judge Kavanaugh. After all, neither he nor Dr. Ford are on trial from a legal standpoint.

Indeed, if she did commit perjury, it would be up to the Senate to handle that, and we have the right as taxpayers to demand the same degree of outrage from Democrats that they have heaped upon Judge Kavanaugh.

What is germane to the confirmation is whether a nominee accused of any kind of wrongdoing has the right to expect his or her accuser’s veracity to be investigated as rigorously as are the actions of the accused nominee.

It is a fact that some men have been found to have been wrongfully accused in the fairly recent past, including two New York men  just released from prison this year after serving 26 years for a rape and assault they didn’t commit.

How do you give someone back 26 years of their life?

The MeToo movement, if it doesn’t want to find itself consigned to the ash heap of history, has an obligation to lobby just as vigorously for justice for the accused as it does for the accusers

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