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TGIF – September 5, 2018

October 5, 2018

After the Kavanaugh vote.

After the vote on the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh is taken Saturday, and regardless of the outcome, some people are calling for a more in depth investigation of the woman who leveled charges of sexual assault against him.

Why would it matter at that point you might ask, especially if he is confirmed?

Although Dr. Blasey Ford was and still is being handled in the words of one pundit, “like a Faberge egg”, her allegations, as well as those of Ms. Ramirez, have purportedly not been confirmed by any of the people listed as eyewitnesses.

Several people have intimated that she may have created the whole thing in her own mind, possibly to account for some other trauma in her life. They point to the fact that she and her attorneys have refused to make her therapist’s complete notes available for inspection, although she supposedly revealed them to the media.  If true, that voids her HIPAA protections.

That is important to the rest of us for one reason only, and that is to develop some sort of empirical way to develop methods to vet these kinds of accusations.

It isn’t enough to say we must believe all women when they allege sexual assault. As Musings noted on Wednesday, sometimes these accusations are not true, either because evidence was improperly handled, or simply because the accusers either lied deliberately or were genuinely mistaken in an identification.

Dr. Ford appears to genuinely believe her accusations.  Either that, or she deserves a star on a Hollywood sidewalk for the performance of a lifetime.

That isn’t the point.  The point is that an accusation such as hers is just as destructive to the lives of the accused person or persons as accusing them of first-degree murder. Even when the accusations are unproven, the mere fact that they were made follows the accused for the rest of their lives.

We have to find a way to institute procedures to eliminate or drastically reduce the chance of destroying lives due to either malice or mistakes.

That is of course unless the country adopts the new standard of “guilty until proven innocent” in which case there is no hope for us anyway.

Another weird law.

It’s illegal for restaurants and other holders of food permits in Austin Texas to throw away uneaten or scrap food. It has to be “recycled” in one form or another, according to the article.

We do throw away an awful lot of food in this country, but this seems like just another governmental overreach.

Given the fines that can be incurred, should you worry if the lasagna you are served has little green things growing on it?

Or should businesses simply require that if you buy it, you pack it out of the establishment?

Disappearing jobs – Farm workers

One of the job categories expected to at least partially disappear by 2040 is that of farm workers, particularly in the harvesting and growing areas. Robots are already being developed that can plant, transplant and harvest salad greens according to this article.

There is some irony in that, given that this technology is being developed in the sanctuary state of California, since it will eventually take away many of the unskilled laborer positions now filled by illegal immigrants.

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