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October 8, 2018

Just 29 days until the  election, and the Democrats are still milking the Kavanaugh controversy.

Apparently forgetting that it was a Democrat who demanded another “investigation”, or actually a background check, which they said then should take only a few days, Nancy  Pelosi is now demanding that the most recent check be publicized, because it only took a few days.

While it would be interesting to read, all background checks are generally considered confidential personnel matters under both state and Federal laws.

Not that a little thing like the law matters to Nancy Pelosi.  After all, the way she sees it, laws are only for Republicans.

She and her fellow Democrats do want the controversy, because she knows that if the FBI runs true to form, her FOIA request won’t be processed for weeks or even months.

The President’s comment ““You wouldn’t hand matches to an arsonist,” rings true with many Americans.

When you get away from Cuckooville, i.e. Washington and Hollywood, most people were  somewhat less than impressed with the well-trained and rehearsed left-wing demonstrators interrupting the vote for Kavanaugh,  taking over the steps in front of the Supreme Court or screaming like possessed banshees in the halls of Congress.

Even people who were initially inclined to believe that Dr. Ford was at least sincere in her belief that Kavanaugh groped her at a party 35 years ago have come to think that at best she was exploited by Democrats, and at worst, that she is just another loony leftist like Julie Swetnik hired to cause trouble.

Mostly, ordinary people are paying more attention to the normally ho-hum mid-term elections than they have in a long time.

One man, a Republican, who says he normally ignores the mid-terms, especially if the weather is bad, went so far as to vote early because he didn’t want to be left out.

Another voter, part of the  suburban white female demographic, also voted early.

She commented;

As an independent, I normally think it’s a good thing for there to be two-party representation in Congress.  This year though, I agree with the President, these people are too dangerous to be in power.  I just can’t believe how Democrats have acted since the election. They act like gangsters or old-time Mafia thugs, and some sound like they need a few months in a padded room to cool off. The fewer of those kind of Democrats there are in Congress, the better.”

Someone else remarked:

“I wonder just what kind of people the Democrats would be happy to get in bed with just to oppose President Trump. Maybe like Al Qaeda or ISIS or the Chinese?  Who knows? I didn’t even vote for him, but I’m sure not going to vote for those goofy left wing b—–ds either.”

Many women note that by attacking all men, Democrats sound like their vision of the perfect America would be a nation of revengeful amazons.

A man noted that he’s recently been advising his two pre-teen boys to never, ever be alone with a girl who, if she gets mad at them for something, might yell rape to get back at them.

To be fair, an awful lot of people just tune it all out. Increasingly though, even the apathetic are paying more attention.

We’ll see how many of those get off the couch in 29 days.

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