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October 9, 2018

As Brett Kavanaugh begins his duties as the newest Justice of the Supreme Court, the media seemed poised to continue speculating and condemning him over his confirmation process.

Leave it to a lady to upend their applecart.

At approximately 10 a.m. Eastern time the White House announced the resignation of U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, effective at year’s end,  leaving the media completely flummoxed.

While it’s too early to report all of the media and politicians reaction to the news, it was interesting to see all the news and opinion folks scratching their heads and trying to figure out how the White House slipped this one by them for a full six months.

Indeed, some seemed almost insulted that no one had leaked anything about it.

Maybe that’s because only two people knew about it; the President and Ambassador Haley.

Democrats, starting with Bob Menendez, immediately tried to put a negative spin on the news, falling back on the tired old saw about chaos in the Trump Administration.

That’s belied by the fact that Ambassador Haley had made the President aware of her plans six months ago.

Since no one had anything else to report about it, the speculations were running rampant.

Why did she announce so far ahead of her last day, the pundits mused. Was it because of the Kavanaugh debacle? Is she ill, someone else asked. Oh, it’s because she and John Bolton don’t get along, someone else prattled.

Others thought that she should have waited until after the election.

Did it occur to anyone that maybe she wanted to give the administration time and the freedom to interview a few people to try to fill her shoes without having the media running around with their noses up everyone’s behind?

Notice we said try to fill her shoes.

The President called her effect on the position glamorizing, but others would say prestigious.

Not that there aren’t plenty of capable prospects, but Ambassador Haley definitely put her own stamp on the job.

Nikki Haley is no one’s lap-sitting kittycat. Frank and outspoken, she shows a rare talent for supporting and faithfully communicating the President’s foreign policies without ever seeming to be anyone’s lackey.

During the Oval Office sendoff, Haley made it a point to mention that she would not be a presidential candidate in 2020, and would support President Trump in his re-election bid.

She said nothing about 2024 however. Maybe because that’s a eon in political time. Maybe it’s because she herself isn’t sure she wants to contend with the nastiness of another campaign, or maybe, as she says, she wants to put her family front and center for now, as she has two children who are getting close to their college years.

It’s true that 2024 is a long way off, but if we are to have a female president, we could sure do a lot worse than Nikki Haley.

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