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On the road, again.

October 10, 2018

Apparently, the Clintons are broke again. What else could account for them taking their nostalgia act on the road, allowing people to revel in their dual political history at up to $750 a pop?

For that we will also get a chance for Hillary to tell us that civility depends on electing Democrats.

Wow.  We can’t wait.

No, really, we can’t wait, so we will move on to things at least semi-relevant to current affairs.

Take foreign affairs, particularly concerning the speculation that the Saudi government may have killed a Washington Post journalist, Jamal Kashoggi.

This may not seem like a big deal to most Americans, but if the story is true, the Saudis may have just put themselves on the list with other persona non grata nations.

Given that the Saudis were at least keeping up appearances of being one of our few Middle East allies, that has serious repercussions for our foreign policy.

Not that the news surprises many of us.

Given that nearly all the 9/11 terrorists were of Saudi origin, as was Osama bin Laden, the Saudis have at the very least a checkered past regarding Westerners, or people supporting the west.

The President has noted that the incident is still being scrutinized, but should the 15 men identified as a Saudi government sanctioned assassination team be linked to Kashoggi’s disappearance, the U.S. would have little choice but to join in condemning the actions.

The Middle East has long been a thorn in America’s side, but given its international importance and propensity for tribal warfare, it also isn’t a region we can just wash our hands of and allow it to foment international unrest.

With all the folderol over Kavanaugh and the upcoming midterms, this story will probably simmer on the back burner, but at some point the U.S. is going to have to reconsider its ties to the Saudi royal family, should the allegations of state-sponsored murder prove to be true.

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