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More Kavanaugh hysterics…really?

October 11, 2018

Apparently the media and Twitter aren’t done with the Kavanaugh kerfluffle yet.

Dr. Ford has apparently been nominated for an award for bravery, while a middle school teacher is without a job for suggesting that someone should visit lethal violence upon Justice Kavanaugh, and  25 of our duly elected people in Congress apparently have nothing better to do than file orders of impeachment against him.

In the meantime, the First Lady voiced what so many of us are thinking. There has to be at least some modicum of  evidence available when you accuse anybody of anything.

Once again, let us state that by now Dr. Ford is apparently convinced of her charges in her own mind.

Interestingly one of the doubts expressed by people who question her was explained, not by some well-paid liberal mouthpiece but by another 15-year-old.

While watching the hearings, “Amy” said, “Well of course she wouldn’t tell her parents. She’s someplace she’s probably not supposed to be, with people who she’s probably not supposed to be hanging around with, and she’s drinking underage.  I wouldn’t tell my parents either, or if I did I’d make out like I was a victim. Sounds like she was trying to be one of the cool kids.”

But that doesn’t mean Amy believed everything she said. “It doesn’t make any sense that she didn’t tell anyone about it.  I tell my BFF everything, and her BFF says she never heard about it. In fact no one says they ever heard about it.  That’s weird.”

As for the other drivel about gang rapes and the other nonsense, that’s obviously tripe.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to matter.  Justice Kavanaugh will be tarred and feathered by some people for the rest of his life, even if there isn’t a shred of truth to the charges.

It will be interesting to see what happens if the blue wave turns into the blue trickle. Will that stop all the crap, or will  it just get worse? We’d bet on the latter.

Incidentally, for those offended by the “m” word, we may have a better one. How about gangs? Take your pick, because “peaceful protestors” most of them aren’t.

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