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TGIF – October 12, 2018.

October 12, 2018

Frankly my dear, nobody gives a damn.

It seems only the liberal media and the late night “comedy” shows care whether Kanye West visited the White House or not. When several ordinary people were asked about their opinion of the visit, they answered in this vein:

“Oh, was he there? Well, that’s nice I guess. After all, he does live here, and they do call it the people’s house.”

Likewise about Taylor Swift:

Taylor who? Is there a reason I should I care what she thinks?”


On the other hand…

Several people had something to say about the possibility of the Saudis alleged assassination of journalist Jamal Kashoggi:

“Do I think they did it?  Why not? After all, some of their royal family bankrolled the 9/11 terrorists.”

“Just a word to the President…we can do without their $110 billion dollars if it’s proved they killed the guy. It would probably save us more than that if we just cut them loose.”

One more reason to eat at home.

The publication “TechCrunch”  is reporting that new restaurant businesses may not have any onsite kitchens, preferring instead to have the meals prepared at a central cooking facility and then shipped in daily to the fast-food or restuarant chain store, courtesy of investors like Google’s parent company Alphabet and Uber’s former CEO.

Oh, yummy.  That should make dining out a real treat.

Pastor Brunson coming home.

It appears Turkey has released Pastor Brunson.  That’s great news for his family.  Hopefully he’ll do the smart thing and stay home.

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