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E minus 20 and counting.

October 17, 2018

With the 2018 mid-term general election less than three weeks away, the pundits and palm readers are entering full-out  screech mode.

It remains to be seen whether the Trump administration will evade the “first off-year election curse.”

Typically it takes losing a significant number of seats in Congress for the winning prior presidential election year voters to wake up to the fact that just winning the presidency isn’t enough to guarantee they will get all the goodies they were promised by the winning candidate.

Presidents generally get a honeymoon during which everyone makes nice and at least pretends that having elected someone, the country will behave in a civilized fashion and support the winner.

That was then, this is now.

From moment the Democrats knew they’d lost the race until today, the nation has been treated to repeated lessons in how to lose as ungracefully as possible.

Even the most seasoned Washington watchers say they have never seen anything to match Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). Far more  erudite writers than this one have chronicled the slide to socialist insanity, but the path and effects are clear for all to see.

A lot of people weren’t happy when the Democrats elected a former community organizer, but you didn’t see people making vulgar videos of a faux Michelle Obama and posting them online or bullying a 10 year-old child not just online, but on popular late night television shows.

That wasn’t because there weren’t people out there with both the ability and the inclination, but because until 2016, there were still certain lines of civility the nation just wouldn’t countenance  crossing.

That came to a tire-screeching halt on November 9, 2016.

It rapidly became obvious that the left wasn’t just disappointed that they lost, but in a white-knuckled panic about it.

That naturally started people wondering just what it was that was scaring them so badly.

It wasn’t long before we started to find out. Apparently working for the good of the United States of America was never even a miniscule part of the Democrat platform.

Even so, only dyed-in-the-wool political watchers were paying much attention to the riptides in Washington.

Most people were just happy that however rude and crude the new President might be, he was at least committed to keeping his campaign promises.

He said he could get Americans working again and grow the economy to at least 3%, and maybe even 4% by unleashing American business, and by damn, he did it. He said he could cut taxes for most working Americans and lo and behold, he did that too.

He didn’t win every battle, but he won enough of them to leave a lot of people thinking that they’d won the war.

There were indications that there were riptides in the political currents, but they didn’t really galvanize right leaning voters.

Until two things happened. First left wing motor mouths like Maxine Waters and Hillary Clinton started encouraging people to attack people they didn’t agree with, to “get in face of this administration” as Auntie Maxine put it, and the well-trained foot soldiers of the left carried out their orders to the T.

The Kavanaugh confirmation hearings were the last plug in the dyke.

We may never know whether Dr. Ford’s letter was just a stroke of fate for Democrats, or whether it was solicited.

Whatever it was, it stripped the last thin veneer of civilization from the face of American politics.

No longer was it just political shills and drooling entertainers whining about whiteness, figuratively castrating American men or advocating actual violence that were following each other.

Now it is primetime, all the time.

And much as happened a scant two years ago, time will tell how the whole thing shakes out this time.


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