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About that wall.

October 18, 2018

Amid news reports that the newest invasion of U.S. border-bound migrants has now topped 4,000, and that there were over 41,000 border jumpers arrested in September,  many people are beginning to ask why, since liberals don’t want a wall, the regular U.S. military can’t be used to keep them out.

“Joe” put it this way:

“Look I feel for those people, but they are just as much an invading army as they would be if they carried weapons. There’s about 2000 miles of border, or about 10,280,00 feet. It seems like posting a soldier every 50 feet or so along the insecure stretches would make one hell of a statement.”

Given the gist of his tweet on the subject today, it appears that the President is thinking along the same lines.

Can you imagine the flood of crocodile tears it would unleash if he follows through with that threat?  Mika Brzezinski would probably melt away into a puddle right on the set.

Maybe a better way would be to release all these folks into the custody of Mika, Joy, Whoopi, Nancy P.,  Don Lemon, Maxine Waters and all the other open border advocates. They have big bucks, so putting the caravan members up in their homes and paying their bills should be a cakewalk for them.

That’s an appealing visual, but it’s never going to happen.

Then we have the crybabies who say that cutting off foreign aid to the Central American countries from whence most of these people come would only make things harder on the populations there, thus encouraging more people to come.

Wake up and smell the tortillas, folks.  None of that money is being used to help these people now. That’s why they are leaving.

In long ago times, we could just send an occupying force to Honduras, Guatemala, et al, and run the countries ourselves, much as the Romans did when they occupied England from 43-410 A.D.

That’s not going to happen for a myriad of reasons, but expecting the Central Americans to take better care of their people so they want to stay home is not too much to ask for the half-a-trillion or so dollars we spend in that part of the world. That would put a big dent in the $775 billion we overdrew our credit line this year, not to mention paying for our wall 38 times over.

First though we have an election to take care of, and hopefully we have enough brains not to elect a multiplicity of left-wing bleeding hearts just because we’ve nearly always done so in the past.

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