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Coming to a boil.

October 22, 2018

Talk to plain old people about the Central American “caravans” and you quickly realize that most of them are just plain fed up with all the political wrangling and social justice bleeding hearts.

“This isn’t complicated. These people are invading our country, carrying flags of their home countries, and should be stopped cold. They are supposed to stop in the first country they come to after leaving their own countries, so why not just boot their butts back into Mexico?”

“The President is not going to use the Army to stop them, because if he does the f——g liberals will burn half the country down. Read the Second Amendment again, the part about maintaining the ‘security of a free state’.  We are entitled to and should form a national citizen’s militia to back up the Border Patrol, and stop them ourselves without force if we can, but with force if we have to.”

“Look at these people on TV. Probably 80% of them are young men of fighting age. Maybe they aren’t coming here with guns, but they are invading our country as surely as if they were all dressed in camo. And they aren’t just from South or Central America.  I saw on the news where there was a whole bunch of Chinese people too. Last time I heard, China doesn’t like us very much, so why do those people get to come in?”

“These 5,000 or 7,000 people are the next Dreamers. Some bleeding heart will make the same argument about them that Obama did about the original Dreamers.”

“So their countries are s—tholes. That’s their problem.  If they spent half as much energy cleaning up their governments as they do on getting here, they could fix their countries and then businesses would want to go there, and then they’d have jobs.”

“You know why Congress doesn’t fix this? Because they don’t f—–g want to fix it.”

These aren’t white supremacy groups.  They are ordinary people who are simply fed up with the situation.

Most of them recognize that there is a place for seasonal workers, but they fear them because we no longer have a workable guest worker program that would allow people to come in to work but then force them to go back home until next year.

They also recognize that a certain number of these people coming here are just out-and-out criminals, and they rightly ask why we should be forced to allow the importation of gang members and terrorists.

And so it goes. This latest caravan, mostly because of its size, has the potential to create a situation that can go very, very wrong, very, very quickly.


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