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Living in looney-land.

October 25, 2018

The news yesterday and again today was and is pretty much saturated with stories about the pipe bombs sent to prominent Democrats and other anti-Trumpers. It’s pretty much all you hear if you tune into any news program.

Funny how the letters filled with a powder determined to be a ricin look-alike sent to Republicans didn’t seem to bother them all that much but hey, it’s election season.

Along with all the hype over the bombs, none of which has detonated, were the usual obligatory calls for civility.

That lasted about as long as a snowball in a deep-fat fryer, with New York’s governor admonishing “highly placed elected officials” for their rhetoric.

We agree.  Auntie Maxine shouldn’t be siccing people on members of the other party.

Both sides are guilty of over-the-top rhetoric, but the left barely took a deep breath, while the President did at least acknowledge that threats of bodily harm should have no place in American politics.

All that got him was attacks on his press secretary and the rest of his administration by the likes of former CIA director Brennan and CNN’s Jeff Zucker.

In short, it looks like no one has gotten the message and this close to the election it’s highly unlikely that very much will change.

It won’t be too long until the FBI figures out who is behind these packages, and whether they were sent by some psycho who thinks he (or she, or they) are helping Republicans, or just someone looking for attention.

They might even be false flag attacks, perpetrated by someone who thinks that by making Democrats out to be Trump’s victims, they can energize the Democrat base.

We just don’t know, but we will, probably sooner rather than later, and you wouldn’t want to be the person responsible once the FBI zeroes in on them.

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