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TGIF – October 26, 2018

October 26, 2018

Sometimes, we can’t fix it.

Liberals and Trump critics are crying crocodile tears over the plight of the migrant caravan, and criticizing the President for refusing to let thousands of unvetted people, some of whom freely admit that they have been deported before, swarm our border.

That leads us to ask “Short of just inviting the whole world to live in the United States, what should we do about it?”

The migrants themselves have said what smart people already know. It doesn’t matter to them whether we send money to the Central American governments or not, because the people never see any benefit from it.

That would seem to leave our government with two options.

One, take the money away from the people it is benefitting, namely the people running the corrupt governments, or two, invade the countries, depose or dispose of the corrupt officials  and take over the governments ourselves.

No talking head or loud-mouthed senator or representative seems to have any answers that fall between open borders and conquest.

The middle ground could be for the people themselves to try a little harder to fix their own circumstances.  That we might be able to help them do, if they had any desire to do so.

Sometimes, we can’t fix people’s lives for them.

Making a statement.

It  will be interesting to see who is behind the spate of would-be IED’s. and what motive is behind the attacks. Authorities are reporting one person has been taken in for questioning, so we may soon find out.

Make no mistake, these are attacks. Even if the devices aren’t rigged to blow up, sooner or later one might get too hot, or be jostled too much and blow up by accident, killing  innocent people.

On the face of it, the incidents have the look of someone who is upset over the never-ending attacks on the President by the liberal left. Sort of a crackpot’s way of saying “shut the hell up.”

If so, this isn’t the way to do it.

If he, she, or they really want to get under his critic’s skin, vote.

Can you imagine their doom and gloom on November 7, if instead of a blue wave, we get a red flood?   Priceless.

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