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E-day minus one.

November 5, 2018

Well, it’s almost here. That’s the  three-ring circus we’re calling the mid-term 2018 election, in case you just dropped in from a planet far, far away.

As Democrats activate the bullpen, trotting former President Obama out to invigorate Democrats with his familiar derisive, mocking  scorn for all those peasants clinging to their guns and Bibles, and President Trump is winding up a political barnstorming tour, the 2018 campaign season is finally coming to a close.

Indeed, putting #44 out on the speaking circuit might actually work against the Democrats, given that you hear echoes of his “You didn’t build that” remarks as he tries to take 100% of the credit for the supposedly unattainable 3+ percent GDP and the 3.7% unemployment rate.

This is where the country decides whether it wants to spend the next two years listening to the same childish vitriol  it has endured for the last two, or if it wants stuff like lower taxes, 40-hour work weeks and oh yes, higher paychecks.

Speaking of the next two years, wasn’t it nice of Michael Avenatti to give all those homeless folks some work in his very first political ad?

If Democrats win in the House, you can listen to Auntie Maxine getting even with the American financial industry, Jerry Nadler filing articles of impeachment and Ted Lieu (D-CA) of California’s 33rd District demanding thirty years worth of President Trump’s tax returns, etc. etc. etc.

If the GOP holds on to a majority in the House, you can listen to Dems gnashing their teeth for the next two years. On the other hand, maybe Barbara Streisand will finally move to Canada, hopefully taking several of her friends with her.

Seriously though, one thing is for sure.  Some races may be decided by less than 100 votes, so if you’re justifying being too lazy to vote with the excuse “one vote doesn’t matter anyway” forget it.

Voting is the one inalienable right of citizenship that you can exercise without it costing you a cent.  In fact, you can even get free rides to the polls. Just let someone in one of the party offices or your local election clerk (who will have numbers you can call) know a little ahead of time (like today) that you need a ride.

Do GOP voters get it? Certainly some do.

He said he’d have our backs, and he has. Now it’s time for us to have his. We have to hold both houses of Congress.” So says Andy, a Republican voter.

You don’t have to like the way the President gets his points across, but if you can’t see the results, it’s because you don’t want to see them.

Taking the time to vote is such a small price to pay for living in this country.


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