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Win, lose, or draw?

November 7, 2018

After all the tooth-gnashing, hair-pulling out and assorted prognosticating, last night’s mid-term election turned out pretty much the way everyone thought it would, at least on a macro-level.

Democrats took over the House, and Republicans kept and even slightly increased their majority in the Senate, although they weren’t able to achieve a true majority.

Of course it’s the details that count, but since some races still aren’t decided, we can’t make firm judgments on those details yet.

One thing we are sure of and that would be that the 2020 presidential race just went live.

Apparently the results show that President Trump has a problem with college-indoctrinated GOP middle and upper income women, and according to the talking heads, he will have to “fix” that before 2020.

Only you never really hear exactly what that problem is.

Is it that he talks like a longshoreman, tweets too much, is “mean” to people, or is it something with real substance?

If they don’t have policy-oriented problems with him, neither he nor anyone else is going to “fix” that.

You know how it is…someone pops up on your TV screen or walks into the room and instantly you just plain don’t like them. No matter what they do, you will always have that aversion to them. It’s instinctive.

Or maybe someone tells you about their past conduct, and from that point on, you’ve got no use for them. Again that’s instinctive.

Quite frankly, in the entire past two years, no one has been able to point to specific policy disputes these college degree holding GOP women have with him.

Since upper and middle income people in general never really were hurt by the down economy, it sure isn’t that.

Democrat women don’t like him because they are Democrats, so unless they switch parties, no one going to “fix” that.

If you ask these women to tell you exactly why they don’t like him, not one in 20 women will answer with a concrete policy dispute they have, nor will even they say that they have a an idea of what he could do to “fix” it.

For instance, they may say “well, he didn’t build the wall.”  That’s not something he alone can fix.  If it was solely up to him, we wouldn’t be worrying about people sneaking over a line scratched in the border dirt.

If that’s your bitch with him, you might ought to have made sure the House stayed red. Whose fault is that?

Time (and not much time, at that) will tell if Democrats carry out the rest of their plans for revenging the 2016 election.

And, as we have for the past two years, we the people get to watch.  Oh joy.

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