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November 8, 2018

Memo to Jim Acosta:

Jim, we know you are a tool.  You don’t have to keep proving it, even if it is your only claim to fame.

By now you’ve probably seen the outtakes from the press briefing yesterday, and heard CNN’s fake outrage concerning Acosta losing his press pass. We can only hope that it is permanent.

For the record, Acosta did contact the young lady’s left arm to block her from taking the microphone away. In MeToo-ville, that would normally be called aggressive behavior.

Since the MSM obviously doesn’t appreciate the privilege of participating in televised briefings, maybe we, the audience could just be spared from them altogether. The press can be briefed without cameras, and should be, if they don’t know how to behave.

So much for civility, but then civility in today’s world doesn’t mean quite the same thing as it used to.

Some people are wondering why President Trump says that losing the House is any part of a win.

We have an idea.

What better way for the public to see the left in action than to have them modeling malfeasance in office every day?

With Jerry “get his taxes” Nadler, Maxine “impeachment” Waters, Chuck “constitutional crisis”” Schumer, Elijah Cummings, Adam Schiff and the rest of that lot hysterically vowing to subpoena everything from the President’s taxes to his toothbrush, there should be plenty to watch.

Presumably representatives are elected to work for their districts, not to overthrow the government, but hey, that’s just according to the Constitution. Who in that group cares about that moldy old rag anyway?

Faced with the possibility that Michael Whitaker, the new acting DOJ  director, might now hand over the possibly incriminating documents relative to the FISA warrant previously requested by multiple congressional committees,  the Democrats are moving swiftly to tie his hands via recusal too.

Democracy in action?  Maybe not.

The amazing part of the last two years is that none of the watchdog groups has stood up on its hind legs and filed suit against this merry band of thieves for collecting taxpayer money under false pretenses.

Perhaps a petition would be more effective.


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