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TGIF – November 9, 2018

November 9, 2018

Hi, Hu-persons!

That may be the way Europeans will have to start referring to our species, if the European Union has its way.

Or maybe we can just change our species name to something like  “candy-assus personus” (plural, personii).

Just when it seems like political correctness cannot possibly become any more absurd it does, as this article from National Review reports. Seems the EU is launching a full-blown campaign to remove any form of the word “man” from their official language publications.

In an effort to be fair and balanced, the EU doesn’t have a monopoly on stupidity, a fact hammered home by our own ” institutions of higher learning” such as Mississippi’s Delta State University. The school  reportedly  threatens any student with disciplinary measures up to and including immediate expulsion for using language “inflicting mental or emotional distress on others “, having unauthorized demonstrations,  using profane language, violating written university policies, etc.

Who gets to decide what speech is distressing? Why the distressed student, of course.

And these are the people “educating” our young people? O-M-G!  No wonder people are beginning to refer to college graduates as the lobotomized generation.

Use the door!

Predictably,  the left is up in arms because President Trump wants to deny asylum for three to ten years to people who enter the U.S. illegally.

In other words, if illegals get caught crossing the border any place except at a legal port of entry, they will be deported immediately, even if they walk up to a CBP officer and ask for asylum.

The aim of the directive is to give the courts time to wade through the 700,000-plus backlogged asylum claims,  most of which will be denied anyway.

It also gives the current tide of avowed border jumpers a chance to stop where they are rather than continue on in a futile effort to get into the States illegally and claim asylum they will more than likely not be granted anyway.

Seems like both a logical and humane way to save people a lot of wasted time and energy, not to mention threats to their safety, but of course it triggered the left.

Note that the directive does not prohibit migrants from asking for asylum. It simply attempts to bring some order  to the chaos by directing them to existing legal border entry points.

And finally…

Here’s wishing Justice Ginsberg a speedy recovery.  Speaking from recent experience, be assured that we know that broken ribs is nothing you want to sneeze at; in fact, you don’t want to sneeze at all.


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