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November 12, 2018

Welcome to the era of I and O. That would be the Investigate and Obstruct era.

Having been elected by a carefully groomed and fed cadre of trained poodles, we are now being treated to a constant stream of things the Democrats want to investigate, the latest being trying to obstruct the ability of the temporary DOJ boss, Matthew Whitaker, to oversee the Mueller investigation.

Democrats made no secret of the fact that they see the overthrow of the President as their single sacred crusade, and it appears they are already off to the races.

Start  with the superfluous Special Counsel Independence and Integrity Act, which purports to protect Robert Mueller’s investigation from the President.

Never mind that so far as we know the President hasn’t lifted a finger to stop the investigation. According to one Flake, Mr. Whitaker’s appointment means that the legislation is now a “must pass” priority.

It is impossible to listen to any prominent Democrat for more than 30 seconds before the subject of investigating Trump enters the conversation.

Take  David Cicciline (D-RI), who on a Sunday talk show blithely denied that there was any problem whatsoever with the way the FISA warrant was obtained. In other words, we should just ignore our lying eyes.

The bad thing about the glee with which Democrats are anticipating finally getting their chance to take down the Trump administration is that it provides no incentive whatsoever for two-party government.

Normally you would want both parties to have a say in government, but that assumes they want to govern.

Perhaps Democrats should take a lesson from what happened after Harry Reid invoked the “nuclear option” regarding judicial appointments.

Someday there will be another Democrat in the Oval Office, and then it might be tit for tat.

Speaking of Democrats in office, every American should be ashamed of the shenanigans in Florida’s Palm Beach and Broward counties.

If these were one-off incidents, you could chalk them up to random malfunctions, but given that it has been happening for 18 years at the least, it’s simply proof of the ugly underbelly of corrupt politics.

One of the things that is the most troubling is that the actual ballots themselves seem to have been designed to skew the vote.

These are state elections, but it seems as though there could be some sort of national template or outline designed that would at least assure that all ballots affecting the national government would present candidates and issues in a clear and standardized format.

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