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Florida – A voter’s viewpoint.

November 14, 2018

By now most everyone is aware of the Broward and Palm Beach voting circus, but does it really matter to anyone who doesn’t live in Florida?

Yes.  Yes it does.

Voters, otherwise known as citizens, are pretty torqued off over politics in general, and Florida is just a visible marker of almost everything that they see wrong with American politics.

As the numbers show, a lot of people voted in the mid-term elections, so it isn’t that the voters don’t care. In fact, the voter turnout is reported have been a record for a non-presidential election.

They appear to have gotten damn little substance for their efforts.

“Anna” stated her opinion in no uncertain terms.

I wish God would give me just a few minutes with all the people in Congress. I would bend them all over a bench, and beat their bare butts with a belt until they couldn’t sit down for a month!”

“Jack” says it this way.

“Screw all of them. Congress, whiny Hillary, CNN, the whole lot of them. Stop flapping your jaws and DO SOMETHING for God’s sake!”

You get the drift.

And it doesn’t matter whether the voter is Democrat or Republican.

“Mark” is a lifelong Democrat, and reluctantly voted for Hillary.

“Does what’s happening in Florida surprise me? Hell no. We have the biggest mid-term vote ever, and all the flapper jaws like Schiff and Schumer and old leatherface  (?-Ed.) can do is think of 85 ways to stick it to Trump? What about healthcare or ANYTHING that helps the people? I’m done. No more. They’re going to f— up the country no matter who I vote for!”

We’ve still got two more years until the next election, but judging by these comments the Democrats may well have used up all their voter clout already.

All the self-righteous babble and self-glorified back-patting just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Politics is an ugly mess because we allow it to be so. Perhaps sometime in the next 24 months we can figure out how to change that.

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