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Who looks stupid now?

November 15, 2018

During the election, Democrats repeatedly thrashed on President Trump for moving troops to the border, claiming none of the caravan members would get to the Tijuana border before Christmas.

Apparently Christmas came early this year, and caravan members aren’t any more welcome in Tijuana than they are here, if news reports are correct.

The number may be in question, but there’s no question some of the caravan members arrived six weeks or so early, and some have already been arrested for crossing illegally instead of waiting on the south side of the border.

What is true about illegal entrants is that the caravan numbers only represent a fraction of the total apprehensions we can expect this month.

The Customs and Border Patrol website lists 60,745 apprehensions in October, 2018. If you accept the idea that reported apprehensions only account for less than half of total illegal entrances, that’s one hell of a lot of people.

Just for comparison, the town I live in only has about 57,000 city residents.

As independent filmmaker Ami Horowitz reported, these aren’t all women and children either. Far from it. He reports 90 to 95 per cent are young males, some with obvious gang tats.

OK, so the Prez was right.  So what?

With the House now under Democrat control, do we think anything will be done to stop this massive influx of unvetted illegal entrants?

Dream on, brother, dream on. We’ve got a better chance of seeing Mommy kissing Santa Claus than we do of controlling our borders.

Even assuming Congress were to cough up 5, 10 or 25 billion dollars for border barriers during the lame duck session, it’s too late to make much difference this year, or the next.

Given that the election will increase the Progressive caucus membership to nearly 100 when the newly elected socialists take their seats in January, it’s fairly obvious that the GOP members wasted far too much time obsessing over President Trump’s tweets, and far too little time serving the country over the last two years.

Maybe we could wall the migrants INTO California, since we aren’t going to be able to wall them out.

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