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Tough love for caravan immigrants.

November 19, 2018

The MSM and identity politics purveyors are beating their breasts over the thousands of “caravan” migrants, and are missing no chance to condemn the President for his “heartless” and “racist” actions to stop them at the border.

It isn’t Trump who is heartless. It is the  people using these migrants for their own subversive criminal and political ends.

If you listen to some of the on-the-spot interviews, you realize quickly that apparently no one told these people before they left their countries that the border is officially closed, and that catch-and-release is over.  No one explained to them, prior to them leaving their country, that you had to meet stringent criteria to claim asylum.

And yes, it is sad when you see the look of bewilderment on the faces of some of those being interviewed.

Clearly some of them, the ones who have been here before or who are definitely not coming here to pick strawberries or mow lawns, do know the score.

At some point many of these people are going to decide to go home, and at that point someone, most probably the U.S. and Mexico, will have to help them get there.

But you can bet that when they do make it home, they will tell their neighbors and friends the truth.

That will do more to contain illegal immigration than anything else we can do.

The downside of closing the border is that it may  result in violence, not just from the bad guys imbedded in the caravan, but from people who are simply frustrated and angry that they can’t just walk across the border anymore.

There is also a better than average chance that the border towns like Tijuana will lose their patience and start forcibly removing the caravan members from their towns. Even the mayor of Tijuana says these people are not like previous immigrants, and he wants them out of town.

This mess has been ramping up for at least fifty  years, with the consent and assistance of liberal U.S. politicians and international globalists.

That’s not to say that we never had illegal immigration before, but it wasn’t a political tactic like it is today.

Prior to 1965, we had an immigration  quota system, but that changed with the passage of the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965, an act largely championed then as now by the Democrats. This is basically the framework of the laws we operate under today, as it focused heavily on reuniting immigrant families.

Like many “do-gooder” laws, the claim that it would not substantially change anything was, if not an outright lie, at the very least not well thought out.

Unlike today however, the 1965 act did seek to place a priority on skilled labor, or at least labor that filled our needs for specific types of workers.

But that act goes to defining limits and conditions on legal immigration, and we legally import over a million people a year at present. The remaining 250-300,000 that cross or try to cross illegally simply increase the population without necessarily contributing to the pool of skilled labor.

We also used to have a formal program for agricultural and other unskilled labor, formerly known as the “bracero” program. We know how to do this, and we know how to write and enforce laws to keep them from being exploited.

If Congress could rise up off their own thumbs long enough to do it, there is no reason why a single strawberry should go unpicked, nor should any worker have to fear ICE unless they have committed a crime.

We don’t have sensible immigration and guest worker programs because the left and some greedy employers don’t profit from them politically or financially, and Democrats are apparently just fine with that.

Make no mistake. Failing to write and enforce sensible immigration laws is harmful to both legal and illegal immigrants.

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