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Wet feet, wet backs, what’s the difference?

November 20, 2018

On January 12, 2017, just days before his term in office ended, former President Barack Obama ended a long-standing Cuban immigration policy which began under President Clinton, known colloquially  as wet-foot, dry foot. Obama is reported to have briefed President Trump on the change.

That policy essentially said that if Cuban refugees could make it to U.S. soil they would be given visas and green cards after a year and a day and allowed to stay in the country as asylees.

If they were intercepted at sea (i.e. with wet feet) they were either forced to turn their rafts and boats around, or if the vessels weren’t seaworthy, the Coast Guard would return them to Cuban jurisdiction or to that of a third country.

To the best of our knowledge, Judge Jon S. Tigar of San Francisco, an Obama appointee, didn’t have a problem with a President making that change to existing immigration law. As noted in this then-contemporaneous Miami-Herald article, the basic facts under which the change was made closely mirror the current situation with the Central American caravans.

So what’s changed in the ensuing 23 months?  Obviously, the name on the Oval Office door.

Well, that and the pandemic outbreak of TDS which has infected the Democrat party and the coastal liberals.

Make no mistake, with that notable Cuban exception, illegally crossing the border was always against the law. Yet in his temporary restraining order, Tigard  stated that the President”…may not rewrite immigration law to impose a condition which Congress has expressly forbidden.”

Would that be anything like DACA?

It is this blatant hypocrisy that drives many Americans to conclude that liberals and Democrats (oops, sorry for the redundancy) have taken leave not just of their senses, but of their allegiance to this country.

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