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Can you hear us now?

November 26, 2018

People, including the President have been saying for months that this matter of turning a blind eye to the intentions of those looking to enter the U.S. illegally has taken  a new and dangerous turn.

No one seemed to be listening, but it appears they should have been.

Sunday, some 500 caravan members decided to give rushing the port of entry at San Ysidro a shot, and found out that was not exactly going to be a success.

In  typical coward’s fashion, women and children were pushed to the front, putting them in harm’s way, and social media dutifully produced video of the kids crying and choking when the CBP used tear gas to break up the rock-throwing  group.

Perhaps those young strong men thought that because using women and children as human shields worked at Mexico’s southern border it would work here.

You may not like the images, but resisting this bum’s rush wasn’t optional, assuming the government is serious about controlling where, how and what people apply for asylum.

The checkpoint was temporarily closed, but it could turn out to be a more permanent condition if Mexico doesn’t get serious with controlling this invading force.

A lot of Tijuana residents work in San Diego, and they will be stopped from entering along with the caravan members.  That’s going to inconvenience their employers, and that alone may produce backlash on both sides of the border.

Make no mistake, this became an invasion on Sunday, if it wasn’t already.

Any time someone uses force to breach another country’s border, it is no longer a peaceful march.

Some crybaby liberal pundits are saying that a few rocks and bottles don’t constitute an “armed” force.

They should be invited to stand in a line and let the rest of us bounce a few rocks off their skulls.

The danger in this is that the “no borders” crowd will hype the caravans up again, and perhaps this time they don’t use just rocks and bottles.

This was a probe to see if the U.S. would in fact actively defend its border, or just cave in like the Mexican police and military did at Mexico’s southern border.

Now they know. Hopefully they took notice.

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