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Twiddle–dee, twiddle dumb.

November 27, 2018

What exactly are the Central American  “immigrants” fleeing?

Mostly, $3.00 an hour jobs, although some undoubtedly have legitimate asylum grounds.

But to listen to that learned teacher of history and economics, A.O-C tell it, they are the equivalent of Jews on Kristallnacht.

Whichmakes you wonder if  some of the people on the left probably could be hit in the head by a rock without it damaging their brains.

So far no one has adequately explained why these people marching on the U.S. haven’t used all that excess energy to install or petition governments in their own countries to improve economic and crime conditions at home.

That’s not to say that Central America isn’t rife with vicious cartel members or overrun with criminal gangs. It is.

But if you give credence to our DHS intel, the caravans are bringing those same kind of people with them, and that kind of strips them of their asylum claims that they are escaping violence.

It is hardly lost on the average person that past administrations have used non-lethal control methods on unruly “immigrants” hundreds of times, including over 300 times during the Obama presidency. It was never particularly newsworthy until this time.

Some reporting indicates that many of the people in the caravans have decided it would be better to return home rather than camping out in Mexico for the next few months, particularly when it appears that most of them would be ineligible for asylum anyway.

That doesn’t mean they couldn’t go to a U.S. consulate in their home country  and request entrance into the U.S. lawfully, or even apply for legal asylum in Mexico.

It would seriously de-escalate tensions if that happened.

One man who resides in an Arizona border town said that there is a growing undercurrent among people opposing or victimized by illegal immigrant criminal perpetrators that perhaps the way to deter illegal immigrants is to make it “painful” for them to get across the border without papers.

At least then he argued,”… they won’t be free or able to kill school teachers,” referring to the Texas sixth grade teacher killed on Thanksgiving Day by a previously deported illegal immigrant.

That’s a place we definitely don’t want to go, but given that up until last Sunday they didn’t see anyone in government seriously trying to defend the border, it is understandable.


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