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Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining.

November 28, 2018

This is an editorial observation.

Musings is not in the hard news  business. We are in the public observation business and make no claim to be more than a chronicler or reflector of some ordinary folks’ opinions.

We can’t offer things like source protection, which is why we never record the real names of people who offer their comments, nor can we send reporters all over the world, and so we generally leave it to others to comment on the corporate dependability of “news” organizations.

For this issue we are going to make an exception.

It’s pretty obvious that various “news” outlets are unabashedly partisan, and it’s hard not to notice that their coverage is as much opinion as it is “news.”

Still, since they claim for themselves the privileges that go with freedom of the “press” you kind of hope they won’t outright lie to us about matters of national security.

CNN gets a well-deserved rap for being the propaganda mouthpiece of the left, but there is generally some kernel of truth in what they report, and we occasionally link to their video. Because of their “reporting” on the dust-up at the border on Sunday, that’s not a mistake we will make in the future.

We refer of course to the edited video they used to assert that no caravan members threw any rocks as they bum rushed the border. That was supposed to be straight onsite reporting, not opinion.

We watched that report, and also one which was shall we say, a little more complete.

OK, we aren’t wearing rose colored glasses.  We know CNN hates Trump, but covering up criminality just to push a biased narrative takes it several steps too far.

President Trump takes a lot flak, some of it deserved, for his war of words with the MSM. In his defense, several independent agencies have determined that somewhere between 80 and 93% of ALL “news” coverage of his presidency is negative.

This isn’t the first time CNN has gotten caught doing some creative editing, but it is normally applied to quotes from Trump or his administration.

Not this time. This time the hack job seems to have had the sole purpose of trying to shield people performing criminal acts from exposure, in an effort to sanctify the migrants and vilify the Border Patrol.

First Amendment press protection is a pretty unique and precious freedom.

CNN doesn’t comport itself in a way that qualifies them for it. We can’t exactly take that away from them, but we can and will distance ourselves from the fakery.

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