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7,000 cats.

November 29, 2018

In an article which was heavy on virtue-signaling, the Daily Beast chronicles the disappointment and disenchantment of many of the caravan members at finding out that they couldn’t just walk into the United States.

The article also tags Tijuana residents with the familiar xenophobia label, simply because they  object to the effects of having 6 to 7,000 strangers, some of them with serious illnesses, show up expecting to be fed and housed by their city.

The article makes a point of interviewing migrants who says all the border crashers wanted to do was “…talk to Border Patrol agents” about why they couldn’t just walk in and claim asylum.

The piece also doesn’t explain why those people who did get through a weak spot in the fence walked right by many agents without even attempting conversation.

If you don’t yet understand the problem, here is an idea for you.

Suppose we round up 7,000 hungry cats (or dogs, if you are felineophobic), with over half of them being males, and turn them loose in your neighborhood?

These are species we keep in our homes as pets, so we don’t have built in aversions to them. They can catch mice or defend their property so they obviously have skills.

Before some left winger gets triggered into saying we are calling immigrants animals, it’s about volume, not physiognomy.

In other words, too much of anything is simply too much.

A member of the incoming Obrador administration said we should send Honduras and other Central American countries 20 billion dollars to create employment opportunities.

In 2017 Honduras, a country of 9.25 million persons, received $127 million in direct U.S. aid and Hondurans working in the U.S. sent  another $3.5 million home.

Perhaps we could find out how many jobs that money generated first?

We concede that these countries are poor and have lots of crime, but if we have learned nothing else about foreign aid, it is that money alone doesn’t improve living conditions for people. Mostly it just winds up in some politician’s pocket.

Short of conquering these countries and taking over the government, more money will simply result in fuller pockets.

Mexico (which according to Jorge Acevedo of Univision is a hell hole that isn’t safe enough for the caravan members,) and Latin America have to find a way to clean up their own countries so that businesses want to invest there.

Running away from a problem isn’t the answer.

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