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December 3, 2018

Progressive Washington state lawmaker and open border advocate Pramila Jayapal makes it pretty clear where the House will stand on uncontrolled immigration and open borders if she and her cohorts have their way, according to an article in Politico.

Let ’em all in.

In her world all the people at the border are “…running from death…” apparently ignoring the plain facts, captured on videotape, that many plainly state they are economic migrants who are probably in no greater danger of death than people walking the streets of Los Angeles, Seattle or Chicago.

There is nothing wrong with being an economic migrant.  It’s not illegal or a sin to want to improve one’s economic condition.

We have a process for that. It’s called legal immigration, and we bring in a million or more people a year under that system.

With the advent of the new year, the House Judiciary panel has already stated that one of its first goals will be to probe President Trump’s immigration policies, presumably with the aim of blocking said policies.

On the other side of that coin are ordinary people who note that stopping the so-called caravan on the Mexican side of the border has reportedly produced proof of some of the adverse results of uncontrolled immigration.

Things such as chronic communicable  illnesses like chickenpox,  tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS incubating in the migrant population.

That’s information the left has kept conspicuously out of the news when discussing the impact of illegal immigration.

Take chickenpox for example.  Recently the CDC has reported an uptick in chickenpox cases in the U.S., blaming it on U.S. parents refusing to have their children vaccinated, but could there be another cause?

It has been reported that when unattached children are detained they do receive health checks and vaccinations, but it is unknown whether that applies to family units who are essentially given a free pass into the country. And obviously, people who simply sneak in illegally don’t first stop at the nearest public health office to get vaccinated.

Does that have anything to do with the increased instances of chickenpox?  We don’t know, but it’s a question worth exploring.

Also highlighted is the cost of supporting the people in Tijuana. Mexico doesn’t have nearly the width and depth of social services for migrants that we do, and they are still spending more than $25,000 a day just to keep them meagerly fed and inadequately sheltered.

These are both negatives that the progressive left hopes you won’t think about too much.

And this is just for 6,067 people. In 2018, CBP reports there were over 10,000 people arriving, illegally crossing the border, being apprehended and placed into our welfare system every week, and many more are getting through without being stopped.

Many of those initially claiming asylum will never leave the country because they will never face an immigration court.

Like Tijuana, eventually even this country will reach its financial and social limits.  What then?

This about more than just flooding the country with illegal immigrants in the name of “social justice,” or virtue signaling.  It is about our entire government failing to address immigration sensibly.

It costs too much, takes too long and has no methodology or goal behind the reasoning governing the legalities of immigration at present, and quite frankly, politicians are much happier to keep it that way than to overhaul immigration  in the 21st century.

Far better apparently to retain the issue than to address the problems.

How much justice for citizens and immigrants alike is there in that?

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