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Longevity doesn’t always produce wisdom.

December 6, 2018

On December 4,  The Atlantic published an article by John D. Dingell, a nearly six-decade- long member of Congress offering his thoughts on how to “fix” Congress or more accurately, to restore the people’s faith in government.

Former Senator Dingell is a Democrat, but hey, anyone who’s served in government that long should have some good points to make.

And some of his points are cogent.

For instance, he opines that every citizen over 18 should be required to vote. Some would say that’s a bad idea…after all, how informed would their vote be if they wouldn’t vote unless compelled to do so?

But if the entire country has to suffer along under our government, then shouldn’t the entire country have to participate in government?

And in principle, his suggestion that elections be publicly funded, presumably via some sort of levy or tax to avoid the “purchasing” of a senator or representative by big donors has been suggested for some time.

But he kind of loses us when he suggests that the Senate, like the House of Representatives, should have members that are determined by population.

There is more than a hint of partisanship when he trashes the framers of the U.S. Constitution for suggesting that small flyover states like Wyoming and Vermont should be protected in at least one branch of the government. As a part of that he suggests that we should just abolish the Senate, so that we have just one body whose motto is “bigger is better.”

Yeah, that ought to restore people’s faith in government.

And of course there is the obligatory horror that those small state rubes elected someone like Trump.

Those are just a few of his points, and regardless of your party affiliation or lack thereof, you really should read  the whole article. It will tell you a lot about the mindset of a lifelong Democrat.

One thing we didn’t read in the article…any suggestion of term limits. Fifty-nine years in office is about 47 years too long.

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