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TGIF – December 7, 2018

December 7, 2018

The people’s wall.

So, Nancy P. thinks the border wall is “immoral?”

Considering she apparently sees no problem with 30 to 50,000 people overrunning the border every month, one wonders about her definition of morality.

With Democrats promising to block any border wall funding (the $1.6B Dems have offered specifically forbids the money being used for the wall,) more and more people are beginning to wonder if a human wall might be a better answer.

The French citizens’ rioting against a massive increase in gas taxes hasn’t gone unnoticed, leading many people to wonder if a massive peaceful  public display along the border might be necessary to move Washington off dead center.

The trouble with that is that those sorts of things seldom stay peaceful, as evidenced by the massive public and private property damage in France.

Still, it might be hard for Democrats to justify their continued opposition to secure borders in the face of a few thousand human fence posts.

Is GM making workers pay for management errors?

By now we all know that the Chevy Cruze is a financial lemon for GM.

GM’s Mary Barra is under considerable attack for closing several GM manufacturing facilities in the U.S., while moving production to Mexico.

Not lost on the public is that they bailed GM out over  similar management missteps, among other things, ten years ago

Also not forgotten is that GM did not pay back the TARP loans with earnings, but rather with funds from another TARP loan program.

Some GM employees are hoping President Trump can convince Barra to keep the plants open to manufacture the vehicles and components being outsourced to Mexico.

This is a more complicated story than it appears on the surface.

Barra would say that it is just too expensive to manufacture cars in the U.S. A look at average salaries for assemblers and production workers on shows medians of $48,000 and $51,000 respectively.

That’s not a lot by U.S. standards, but it is above the average wage in Mexico, even under the new USMCA agreement.

Apparently lost on Barra is that these “overpaid” workers are the ones who can afford GM’s vehicles.

Of course wages and basic benefits aren’t the only costs, but still, GM seems to have simply misjudged the current market for economy cars.

That’s not the fault of the people making those cars.

Comey hearing blessedly private.

Finally, as we remember Pearl Harbor,  a big thank you to Congress for sparing us from James Comey on parade.  Those who are interested can read the transcript, while the rest of us can blissfully ignore his self-promotional grandstanding.


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