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December 12, 2018

Does Michael Cohen’s conviction and sentencing bleed over on to the President?

Unsurprisingly, Democrats are using it to convict the President as well, and nattering on about unindicted co-conspirators and impeachment, although on what constitutional grounds remains to be seen.

Even assuming they bring action for campaign finance infractions, that hasn’t traditionally been an impeachable offense.  If it was, former President Obama  might not have made it through his first term.

How about the President’s base?

None of them thought they were electing an altar boy, but his close association with such an obvious sleaze bag doesn’t help.

Somewhat more problematic is his seeming willingness to ignore some of the more serious misconduct from China, Russia and Saudi Arabia in order to get a good trade deal.

There is some danger that much as Obama was willing to overlook a lot to ink the Iran deal, Trump might similarly accept too much in order to claim better trade relations.

With all of that said, many of Trump’s supporters feel that all of the hullabaloo over the President’s sex life and monies exchanged about it is being used to take the heat off the Clinton campaign.

They still want to know what exactly HRC was doing before and during her tenure as Secretary of State that needed to be hidden on a private server and wonder why she wasn’t pressed as hard on that as Trump has been about his peccadilloes.

It is still more than passing odd to many that Trump’s success on the campaign trail seemed to frighten so many people in that administration so badly. What did they have going on that they so desperately needed her to win?

Perhaps the Mueller IG’s report will touch on that, but no one is holding their breath waiting for that report to shine any light on that part of the campaign.

One thing is for sure…if people before simply assumed politics is a dirty business, now they know it is.

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