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TGIF – December 14, 2018

December 14, 2018


Well, we know now why some caravaners are remaining in Tijuana.

It’s to try to put the arm on the U.S. as, under the urging of Pueblo Sin Fronteras, they demanded  that President Trump pay them $50K each to go away.

Newsflash…We’d be more likely to charge them each that amount for having to pay troops and CBP officers to keep them out or round them up after they slither across, under or over the border.

Perhaps many caravaners really do just want a good job and a safer place to live.

But undoubtedly, many just think they are entitled to what legal immigrants work hard and pay a lot to attain.


Are we the only ones who find it ironic that in the middle of the porn star payoff kerfuffle, Congress just passed an act (HR 4494) shutting off the use by congresspersons of taxpayer funds to pay many millions in hush money to silence staffers claiming that they have been sexually harassed?

Signs of things to come.

By now, California cell phone owners are aware of their state’s brilliant idea to tax texting, even going back five years.

It seems that providing free cell phones is now more expensive than the state feels it can afford, so it wants people who pay for their own phones to pick up the slack.

This may turn out to be legally unworkable under FCC rules, but it points out the problem with “free everything.”

Nothing is ever really free. Someone has to pay for it.

One question comes to mind. If Cali can’t afford free cell phones, how does it propose to pay for free medical care?

Mexico fixes illegal border entry – in 5 days.

Want to enter Mexico from Guatemala?  Get in line.

No seriously, get in line. Mexico has now shut down its 540-mile long border with Guatemala, leaving just one entrance open, according to an article in the Washington Times.

Just imagine the crybaby chorus if Trump did the same thing.  Oh wait, you don’t have to imagine it. Just turn on the TV.

So much for the chowder heads that maintain that no other countries do anything so mean.

The article says Mexico hasn’t said how it will control illegal entrants, but it’s Mexico, not the bleeding heart U.S.  We have an idea that crossing illegally might result in a type of enforcement that won’t be pretty.



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