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Just the facts, PLEASE.

December 17, 2018

The press, especially the “we hate Trump for everything, all the time” leftist variety is hyping the death of seven-year-old Jakelin Maquin for all its worth, but shouldn’t we find out what killed her first?

Her 29 year-old father says she had sufficient food and water while being dragged along toward the U.S. border, and signed a declaration that she was in good health, and he also says no one on the CBP bus hurt her in any way.

Supposedly an autopsy has or is going to be performed, although it is unclear whether the results will be made public.

Nevertheless, the MSM has already tried and convicted the Customs and Border Protection personnel, and by association, President Trump,  some even conjecturing that no one gave her any food or water while she was in custody although some outlets have reported that food and water was available to all the 163 illegal immigrants detained at the New Mexico port of entry.

The point here is we, as in the rest of us, don’t know what happened to this poor little girl.

It seems unlikely that if she was dehydrated and hungry that she wouldn’t have said anything to anyone, but it is possible her father could have told her to keep quiet for fear of being separated.

What we have heard is that she had a temperature of nearly 106 degrees, and that alone could have been enough to kill her.

That doesn’t even factor into the media coverage of this tragedy. Neither does the fact that whoever conned this father and daughter into walking over 2,000 miles to the border with promises that they would receive asylum upon arrival is at least as culpable as anyone else in her death.

With the new Mexican President vowing to stop these caravans at the country’s southern  border perhaps this won’t happen to another little girl.

Nevertheless, we hope that if a cause of death is determined, the MSM will be as diligent in telling us about it as they have been in reporting on her death.


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