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Would you fund the wall?

December 18, 2018

Michael Goodwin, in a New York Post op-ed, posits that Americans who want true border security could fund the wall and other border security components privately through something like a GOFUNDME account.

According to one of his readers, if everyone who voted for Trump contributed just $80, the President would have his five billion dollars.

Judging by the reaction we have heard that’s a popular suggestion, both for the sake of the border itself, and because it takes the whole sorry mess out of the hands of slime ball politicians who want the issue but not the border.

Not so fast, me hearties!

As a former nonprofit business manager and grant writer, may we play devil’s advocate for a moment?

First, the money should be collected thorough a dedicated nonprofit and kept in an insured financial institution, not an online platform. This idea has the potential to turn into a giant scam.

Second, it lets the President off the hook. We hired him to work these things out and he should do his best to get it done, even if that includes shutting down 25% of the government.

Third,  not everyone will contribute.  Some can’t afford it, some just don’t want to get involved, and others may not agree with the way the money will be used.

Fourth, what happens if half way through the collection Congress caves and gives the President the whole $5B?  What happens to the money that has been collected?

Fifth, can the donors get assured accountability? How many miles of “wall” will be built, when and where, and can we get progress reports periodically?

Sixth, can we keep Washington’s sticky fingers off the money until we are ready to use it for its intended purpose?

Seventh, what about the other $20 Billion to finish the job?

These are all questions that need to be asked and answered before you whip out your checkbook.

All that being said, nothing would speak as loudly to Washington as a citizen-funded wall.

There’s more than one way to skin a cat (sorry, PETA) and more than one way to fund border security.

Just in case, where is that checkbook?

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