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The opioid article you HAVE to read.

December 19, 2018

Musings has previously written that political crusaders, including the President, are over-hyping the legitimate use of narcotic pain killers by chronic pain sufferers for their own political benefit.

This Fox News article makes the same point, probably far better than we ever could.

As a former hospice employee, I can testify to the truth of the idiocy of limiting or denying effective pain control for a person dying from bone or other cancers.  Many times we had doctors want to report us for prescribing 25 or 50 milligram Fentanyl timed release patches to provide some level of pain control for a patient.

“You’re making addicts out of them!” they would bleat officiously.

Let’s get this straight.  These people were DYING. Surely they had a right to die without pain.

Luckily the issue was much less political then than it is now, and so far as I know we never had to  deny anyone pain control, but it was a hassle.

Now it’s just plain organized cruelty.

The ads on TV say “Just one is too many”, intimating that you should never take anything stronger than aspirin.

As bad as it sounds, we truly wish some overwhelming chronic pain condition to befall these crusaders and for them to be denied any effective pain management.

Are opioids abused? Are there addicts who include prescription opioids in their stash? Sure.  But the chronic use of opioid pain killers for chronic pain is not abuse.  It is survival.

Some doctors actually believe in not ever prescribing pain killers, mostly, as the doctor in the article says, because they fear being arrested and losing their practice.

We’ve noticed that if there is one thing people are short of in this day and age, it’s common sense.

Read the article, which is one of a three-part series.   You owe it to yourself and the rest of us.

The next time you read or hear of someone who commits suicide to escape pain, know this.

That person was murdered, just as surely as if someone had walked up to them on the street and shot them.

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  1. Anita permalink

    The reporting that we Americans are getting from the powers that are controlling our lives are making Chronic pain patients suffer and they should be held accountable.

    • Brad Percell permalink

      How could any society/government ever start to account for the needless pain and suffering of millions completely innocent people, and the easily avoidable suicides of tens-of-thousands of other innocent people, many of which were our military veterans?

      For something like this to be allowed to occur, let alone be allowed to continue for +/-3-years, while all the time knowing without question that legitimate prescriptions, pain patients and pain physicians clearly had nothing whatsoever to do with it is truly unimaginable. It’s beyond sickening and arguably one of the largest-scale, most lethal human rights violations to occur in the U.S. since slavery.

      Every politician currently in office that’s just sitting back acting like nothing is happening while our military veterans, elderly and chronically ill are taking their lives at unprecedented levels MUST be removed from office as soon as possible. And the millions of chronic pain patients must do everything with their power of numbers to make certain not a single one of them is ever elected to another public office again.

      This blatant discrimination, out-right hypocrisy shall never be forgotten, nor ever forgiven by the millions upon millions of innocent victims whose lives have been needlessly destroyed while our phony “leaders” completely ignore us.

      We will NEVER forget!

  2. No one should die or live in pain not in 2018

  3. Laurie S permalink

    Thank you for speaking up for us CPP/IPP. We need every voice that is willing to speak, as many are afraid to, or too weak to.

    • I tell everyone that if this is happening to you, or your loved ones, SPEAK UP! I don’t fault the President for wanting to control drug abuse, but like everything else in Washington, this has become a political football. If you read all the articles in the series, you’ll note that part of the problem lies with the CDC(third in the series). I believe its time to bombard them with complaints and even class action lawsuits, if your loved one does take their own life. I meant it when I said these pompous jackasses are little short of murderers.

  4. This is so sad…. and so real! I wouldn’t believe it if I weren’t living through it myself. This MUST STOP! Constituents in EVERY DISTRICT must make their presence known to Congress! If they fear for their jobs, Congress will begin to take this seriously….

  5. David Cole permalink

    These worthless pieces of garbage! I just spent two days in bed shivering to death, it was hard to breathe, I couldn’t get out of bed, every joint in my body hurt, I took some stuff to help with my pain, I won’t say what it was but, I will say had they not cut my pain meds back by 2/3, I would have never taken this stuff, there is no dosing instructions. They’re just not going to rest until all we’re all dead.

  6. Lee permalink

    Thank you for writing about the best article of the year! It was the best present I could have gotten for the holidays.
    I have written government officials, I have called, I have told friends what is going on. But, most people have no clue as to what chronic patients go through.
    It would be wonderful if Elizabeth Llorente’s article from Fox could go on TV and that would serve to get a larger audience.
    It is so hard to believe that no one is stopping this and most people don’t believe it or know about it. This must be stopped and Now!

  7. I believe the only way this gets attention is for patients, family and caregivers is to get together as a group and either file a class action suit or start demonstrating publicly. One thing you could do is to write Fox and tell them what you told me. I asked them to consider putting together a special on the subject, in the interest of being “fair and balanced.” It is even getting hard to get adequate acute pain control treatment for injuries.

    • staceyff permalink

      We have tried to get an attorney to help us to no avail. We called a lot of them. The ACLU was no help either!

      • Then go to the local papers, or even add your voice to mine at Fox News and ask them to do a story on this facet of the problem. If people make enough noise, eventually someone will listen.

  8. Bravo! Thank you for speaking the truth!
    It’s bad enough that painful conditions exist. It’s inexcusable that effective relief is withheld. There are two reasons for denial of treatment with a controlled substance. The first is self-defense: the provider is avoiding the nuisance of all the hoops they must jump through to prescribe, and the risk of DEA scrutiny and sanction. The second is that the provider has been convinced that these drugs are too dangerous to patients and society, and that there are viable alternatives. Both are a problem, but the second is worse, as it is a problem of ideology. These providers believe that they are helping, while sending their patients away with inadequate symptom management and dispair. The pain management doc I used to see cut me off abruptly last year for the first reason. Severe withdrawal, an ICU stay, and 3 psychiatric hospitalizations ensued due to suicidality from untreated severe pain. While hospitalized, the second class of provider was encountered. All refused to treat my pain for misguided, noble reasons. Agony due to pain was then compounded by dispair, as there was no help forthcoming from the helpers. Pleas for relief bought me a label of “opioid use disorder”. My current PCP group is of the second persuasion. I saw them in the office today, pain at a 7/10, with severe insomnia related to pain and brain pathology. Their thinking was, if they prescribed something for sleep, my pain of 30 yrs would go away. No amount of history of failed medical and alternative interventions for sleep or pain would change their mindset. Offers of already tried drugs. My refusals were making me appear difficult. “We’re not going down the benzo or opioid road…” Except these are the only drugs that have helped. I don’t want to be on them, physically dependent and beholden to the whims of a doctor. But they help me function.
    And they wonder why I have suicidal thoughts.
    There is no help anywhere.

  9. Helen permalink

    Thank you for posting this honest information. Sadly the powers that be will NEVER experience being denied proper pain control because of who they know and their position!!! But yet alcohol is considered to be all right even though it causes several hundred thousand deaths each year!!! America today is headed down a slippery slope much as Germany was in the 1930’s and early 1940’s!!😶🙄🙄😏

  10. Vivian permalink

    Very true. My cronic pain disease limited my life. Now my Dr. In fear has just dropped my long term paine meds cold. Knowing I have cronic nausea & vomiting ,related to my multiple pain disease, and requires rx nausea meds around the clock prn. I was short on my med count by 10 because i vomited my dose up and had to retake. Made no differance, Dr. Responce what would I tell the DEA when asked why i prescribed to a patient who did that…. Well the truth would be good, correct, and validate your patients rights to pain control. We need help. Myself there is no cure, tried all alternative now bound to my house waiting to pass from all pain effects ony system.
    Hopless in Texas

  11. I supported Elizabeth Llorente in her background research for the article highlighted above. I am quoted prominently in her series. I would add to this thread that there is conclusive evidence in the published data of the CDC itself, that over-prescribing by physicians did not create our present “crisis” of addiction and overdose mortality. For an overview of this evidence I suggest a reading of

    • Thank you for your reference material, Dr. Lawhern. If I may, I would like to include this link in an edit to my original post. Rebecca L. Baisch

  12. Michelle Caccamisi permalink

    I completely agree! If you have a patient who is dying, why would you then worry about the patient becoming addicted? Hello….they are dying!!! Common sense….help the patient pass with dignity & the best comfort you can provide. I would way rather watch my family member or patient die without suffering than watch them suffer!!
    Now chronic pain sufferers…….if we CARE if you die with dignity & comfort……pain relief, than WHY IN THE WORLD would we not want patients just trying to find reasonable pain relief while LIVING? Nobody should be just left to live with unbearable pain. Patients on long term pain medications have been treated for decades successfully without overdosing. Pain medication absolutely CAN provide much needed relief of pain, increased functioning & YES, quality of life. Patients should not be denied access to pain medications that provide reasonable pain relief!!!! It is inhumane to not provide some kind of REAL relief for excruciating, unrelenting pain. Wake up America!!! An addicts wants to get high by any means necessary! (Illegal drugs or over the counter drugs…..hence had to remove sudafed from shelves & now must go to pharmacy to get it) pain patients however, are desperate for the ability to find reasonable relief from harsh symptoms & with that reasonable relief comes the ability for some to actually work & or do things like housework, etc. Without pain medications many people are bedridden or house bound which causes increased depression. Any chronic disease, ailment many times already causes depression. Withholding patient pain medications increases chances of suicides due to feeling completely hostage, helplessness, hopelessness to their disease with no end in sight. It is a tragedy to just allow suffering. A whole new epidemic for disabled, afflicted Americans.

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