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Skunks in the woodpile?

December 20, 2018

Recently, April Ryan (yeah, THAT April Ryan) made a comment on one of the MSM shows that Americans were resisting “…the browning of America.”

Now April isn’t known for her subtle use of the English language, but that phrase left some people scratching their heads.

Liberals and progressives have been trying to portray the problem of illegal immigration as a grassroots, spontaneous reaction to bad conditions in the immigrant’s  home countries.

The “browning of America” phrase suggests a more organized movement.

We are exposed every day to the anti-white racism of MSM talking heads, socialist politicians and Hollywood airheads.

Up to now that’s been attributed to shall we say, personal preference.

But what if it’s more than that?

One doesn’t want to attach any more importance to Ryan’s words than she does herself, but listening to some of the disenchanted caravan members has already produced anecdotal evidence that they were lied to in order to get them to go north.

And that brings us, in a roundabout fashion, to Trump’s shutdown threat.

Why in the world would any American politician want open borders?

Well, some are just naturally bleeding hearts that view illegal immigrants the same way some of us view and collect stray puppies and kittens.

But others may have ulterior motives, and having a President in office that screws up their recruitment plans makes Trump the enemy. If his name was Smith, but the policies were the same, Democrats and Socialists (oops, that’s redundant) would hate Mr. Smith too.

It is for that reason that Trump’s supporters are holding his feet to the fire on the shutdown threat over the border “wall.”.

Make no mistake, if he fails to follow through, he will be able to hold his 2020 campaign rallies in an airplane restroom.

In the meantime, keep your nose out for more smells from the woodpile.

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