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TGIF – December 21, 2018

December 21, 2018

Who wants the wall?

According to Democrats like Schumer and Pelosi, Americans don’t want a wall, i.e. any physical barrier to illegal immigration, and furthermore, “experts” in the CIA say it won’t help anyway.

Well, at least 200,041 people (as of 12:29 p.m. EST) apparently do want a wall, and they are willing to put their money where their mouths are.

That’s how many people have contributed to the best-known fund-raising site on GoFundMe, raising $12,196,949 in just four days.

Three days ago Musings brought up some of the pitfalls of trying to fund the wall privately, and we continue to note that there are some serious questions to be answered with the GoFundMe campaign.

Not the least of these is that GoFundMe does not commit to returning donor funds if the campaign falls short of its one billion dollar goal, or if the money can’t be given to the Treasury as a restricted donation.

Still the site gives the lie to the Dems contention that “no one wants the wall,” the CIA’s biased opinion notwithstanding.

Ying and Yang

On the heels of praising the President for his stance on the wall, we find people asking WTF! about his decision to pull all the troops out of Syria.

It is true that he campaigned on not fighting every other nation’s battles for them, but he also reamed former President Obama a new one for pulling out of Iraq too quickly, leading to the rise of ISIS.

It appears he is about to do the same thing, once again leaving the Kurds to twist in the wind.

General Mattis made it abundantly clear that he sees the action in just that way.

Mattis is a warrior, truly a Marine’s Marine, so the fact that he wants fighters to keep fighting in both Syria and Afghanistan  isn’t a surprise.

In the President’s defense, we don’t seem to want to WIN some of these battles, particularly after 17 years in Afghanistan. That doesn’t necessarily mean pulling out is the answer.

Perhaps Trump is using some reasoning we are not privy to, but on the face of it, this is maybe going too far to keep a campaign promise.

And finally…

If Luis Gutierrez decides he doesn’t like politics anymore, he could always audition for “Best Actor in a Congressional performance.”  He’d be a winner, hands down.

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