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Shutdowns and sellouts.

December 24, 2018

It may be the Trump shutdown, but it’s also the Schumer and Pelosi sell-out.

As in this quote from Schumer…”If you want to open the government, you must abandon the wall.”

Dems are crying buckets of crocodile tears over the “immorality” of the wall.

Take Rep. Al Green  (D-TX) and his histrionics over children being temporarily held at a border control station, in which he theatrically decried the fact that “babies and little children were sleeping under foil blankets.”

Apparently lost on Green was the fact that if these kids were at home in their own beds or living in asylum in Mexico where they should have stopped first, they wouldn’t be sleeping under CBP foil (thermal) blankets.

The Pelosi-Schumer duo apparently don’t care that it isn’t Trump’s wall.  It’s the nation’s wall, and it’s the nation that is being sold out.

For some reason, the Democrat figureheads don’t give any credence to the Border Patrol officers who go on TV and testify to Congress that a “wall” funnels the illegals into areas where they can be arrested.

Also lost on them is that not all these illegal immigrants are virtuous Mommies and Daddies seeking asylum, usually of an economic nature.  Many are smugglers, traffickers, killers and drug peddlers.

For what it’s worth, the public is wise to all this political bulls—t, and they clearly feel that American citizens are an endangered species in Washington.

Also of note is that Democrats want to broaden the permissible asylum grounds to include domestic violence.

You have to wonder where women who are U.S. citizens are supposed to go to escape domestic violence.

If you had the manpower to check it, there are probably women like Gabrielle Bessix killed or savagely beaten every day in spite of having restraining orders against their attackers. Where do they go for asylum?

Democrats have no desire to “meet the President halfway.”  If they did, they would take him up on his offer to trim his $5B request down to $2.5 billion while keeping the barrier funding.

The public knows this is about power, not barriers.

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