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A peek at 2019.

December 26, 2018

Although President Trump is ticked off that Mitch McConnell won’t institute the nuclear option for legislation, we may be glad it didn’t happen, even for the border wall.

News outlets are reporting that at least 40 House Democrats, in a paroxysm of socialist glee, will introduce legislation to fund free almost everything. They plan on paying for that by cancelling all the Trump tax cuts after January 3, and we will get to see just what we could expect should Dems ever again take over the presidency, not to mention the entire legislative branch as well.

Needless to say that with a GOP Senate, those bills won’t make it to the Oval Office, but it seems likely that the far left wing of the House will give it a go anyway.

That’s assuming that they can find time to do so while they “investigate” all things Trump.

One thing we probably won’t get is, you guessed it, a border wall.

It seems likely that with only eight days to go, the Dems will hang in there on the shutdown, especially since they can blame President Trump for it.

It isn’t just Democrats though.  It remains to be seen if President Trump can adjust his style to fit the new “normal.”

Technically, he shouldn’t have to do anything but let the House socialists hang themselves, but to do that, HE’s going to have to become the adult in the room.

Take for instance the latest death of a child brought into the country illegally.

Democrats are already trying to hang that around the President’s neck, in spite of the fact that the little boy died in a Texas hospital, where he was taken not once but twice by Border Patrol personnel.

That should be a sorry example of why we want to stop or severely curtail illegal immigration. If you want to reason it out the way Democrats do, this child, and the little girl before him were victims of the open borders policy, even if the immediate cause was a cold or something such as rotavirus.

It’s up to the President to make those kinds of fact-based arguments, not just name-call and bluster.

In short, if you thought 2017-18 was a bitch, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

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