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Big tech did not invent socialism.

December 27, 2018

A man named Joel Kotkin, writing for the Orange County Register, penned a piece on what he calls “oligarchial socialism,” in which he posits that the Big Tech founders are the purveyors of an upcoming socialist America.

It’s an interesting take on mid and late 21st century America, and many of his theories have their roots in reality.

It’s also perhaps a too easy, even simplistic explanation of how we have been getting to an increasingly socialist America.

His conclusions regarding current process may be spot on, but this all began before Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg were even born, or one might even say, manufactured.

There has been a socialist subculture in America at least since 1901.  It briefly morphed into the American Communist Party, but never really lost its essential identity, and is now returning to its “democratic socialist” roots, ala Bernie Sanders and the mathematically challenged Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Although often equated politically with Russia and Nazi Germany, it is essentially just good old-fashioned feudalism. A few people own and exploit everything for their own benefit, i.e. they seek to attain and then maintain their position at the top of the pecking order.

Mr. Kotkin displays a fine disdain for what he calls the “…soap opera administration” of Donald Trump, but seemingly fails to recognize that a good share of the people who elected him did so because they recognized the slide toward socialism.

Oh, they may not have called it that, but they damn well knew something was very wrong with the direction of the country.

They knew that increasingly, their children and grandchildren were neither prepared for nor desirous of fending for themselves.

It’s taken a while to turn formerly independent Americans into subservient lap dogs.

Back as recently as seventy-five to one hundred years ago, it was considered shameful to be supported by the government. “Taking welfare” was something that defined you as a failure, whether it came from a church, a community or a government.

When Social Security first began paying out benefits, however meager, many older people refused it, even though in 1935 many were still suffering from the effects of the Great Depression.

They believed, and rightly so as it turned out, that there is no such thing as free money.

For every free thing the government has given it has extracted a price, and that price is freedom. The people that think that way today are maligned as heartless fools denying sustenance to people incapable of earning their own way.

Preach that long enough, and you will eventually find yourself working for credits instead of cash.

One day, each hour worked will earn you a day’s housing, or a small bag of groceries, or the right to travel a certain number of miles on government-approved transportation.

That might be stretching it a bit, but not as much as you may think.

Back in the “bad old days” if you wanted a car, you didn’t ask your parents for one.  You went out and earned the money to buy some old clunker, and you kept working until you could afford a better one.

That’s called incentive, and that’s what democratic socialism is intent on finally removing from the America of today.

Why would you work hard to save up for a home, if the government will give you one? Why strive to attain new skills to get a higher paying job, if the government will see to it that you have a subsistence income?

So, no matter how scornful the left is of the  Republican rubes clinging to their guns and Bibles, they may be all that stands between the America where everyone wants to live, and just another feudalist kingdom.

Think about that in 2020.

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