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TGIF – December 28, 2018

December 28, 2018

Beware bait-and-switch candidates.

According to reporting by the Wichita Eagle, it appears a couple more Kansas lawmakers pulled off a con job on the voters, running and being elected as Republicans and immediately  switching over to the Democrat party upon winning their contests, bringing the total now to three.

Many people have long thought that Arizona’s Jeff Flake(y) is simply a Democrat is disguise, but at least up to now he hasn’t officially switched parties.

It isn’t against the law to switch parties, but it might be if you deliberately deceive voters to get elected. That’s the ultimate “false flag” operation.

You might even call it collusion.

Will Mexico defend its own border?  

The Mexico News Daily reports that another caravan of some 15,000 is on its way to the Mexican  border initially seeking asylum in Mexico, but it is rumored to be eyeing the U.S. as its eventual goal.

It remains to be seen whether Mexico will stop them at the border and require them to enter through just one port of entry as has been previously reported.

It also remains to be seen how Mexico will react if bombarded by asylum seekers expecting to stay in Mexico, as has happened in the U.S.

With liberals from both the U.S. and Mexico now laying the xenophobe label on Mexico, the country may now get a chance to walk a mile in its northern neighbor’s shoes.

Governor Moonbeam is at it again.

Apparently California wants to put up its own satellite to find out which countries are polluting the most. OK, it’s their taxpayer’s money, and even though that information is already available, maybe Cali thinks they can do it better.

But what then? Will the California governor fine India? Stage a sit-in? Apply a carbon tax?

In other words, what’s the point?

And finally…

By now you have presumably heard the report of a legal immigrant cop being killed by an illegal immigrant criminal.

Which causes us to ask, when the cop killer is caught and presumably convicted, will ICE be allowed to go to the prison to deport him after he does his time ?

After all, this did all happen in California.

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