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About those nonessential employees.

December 31, 2018

At some point in time, the partial government shutdown will end.  It might be in 2021, but it will end.

Which brings up an interesting question. The total of the so-called non-essential and therefore furloughed (laid off) employees is reported to number about 850,000.

How many of the so-called non-essential employees could we just leave on furlough? We all know you virtually can’t fire a government employee, but what if we just really don’t need all of these folks?

Normally that would be an awful thing to do, but there will never be a better time for them to find another job.

It’s tough to find out what positions are considered nonessential, but it appears to be positions such as clerks, janitors, or receptionists.

Oh yes, and those folks busted for playing computer games on their government-funded work stations.

Even assuming these employees are at the low end of the pay scale, say about $9 an hour, you are talking about 15% of the nonessential personnel to equal 2.5 billion dollars.

Obviously no one is going to do this, but with the suddenly debt-conscious Dems worrying about the “wall” funding adding to the national debt, it does provide a funding mechanism.

We bring this up only to show that where there’s a will, there’s a way.

It isn’t money the government lacks to fund a barrier or wall or fence to help funnel illegal immigrants to choke points, it’s the will.



Tomorrow:  Two years in, what do Trump voters think about their choice now?


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